Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Madness & WOW! eKids Magazine Info

Hi, All! Here are the Monday Madness questions for this week.

1. From jstar: Holiday in Europe or Asia?
I would love to go to Ireland, Italy, & France someday.
2. From sherle: How do you try to change a behavior pattern you don't like about yourself... whether it's chewing fingernails, overeating, smoking, or picking your nose?
I just try to focus and give myself small goals with a little reward each time I meet a goal.
3. From tricia: Have you ever successfully completed a Sudoku puzzle?
No, I don't like them. Rick has done them though and one of our sons does them all the time.
4. From caylynn: What website do you visit the most often?
I hate to say it, but its our websites http://wowekidsmag.comand We are always checking them to be sure everything is working okay.
5. From michael morgan: What was your favorite thing about high school or college?
My favorite thing about college was the independence.

Have a great week everyone. Check out our magazine at if you have kids. The magazine is now free and its lots of fun AND its educational!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen. It was nice of you to drop by. It's good to start with small goals. Accomplishing several small goals is the same as achieving an equally big target. Keep it up. Take care!


Ghost said...

Working towards small goals is what I'm always telling my son to do. In fact it's really the only way he gets anything done around here when it comes to his share of the chores. I'll suggest he complete one thing, like empty the garbage and then let him be for awhile after he's done it. He usually doesn't realize how much he's accomplished until I give him a list of everything he's done at the end of the day.


Jane said...

Great site and I enjoyed your answers.
Mine are up too.

DawnK said...

I enjoyed the independence of college, too.

Small goals are what we told the 14yo last night, when she was frazzled about memorizing her homecoming music for band!

Pittchick said...

I've been to Ireland, but I'd really like to get back and see more of the country.