Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Business Credit Cards - Choosing the Best Card for Your Business

There are a lot of credit card choices out there, whether for business or personal use. Choosing a business credit card is an important decision because there are many factors and features to consider. You may not just want to take the credit card that your bank offers you when you open a business checking or savings account. These cards often don’t have the benefits that other cards do. For instance, many cards will offer businesses significant rewards programs. Some of these are even better than the rewards offered on personal cards. Considering everything you use a business credit card for, a rewards card may offer significant savings to you.

There are also cash back programs for businesses. When you are just beginning your business, a cash back program may offer you that bit of extra cash to help with your day to day expenses.

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lastAutumn said...

I'd like to add here, that if you are going to apply for a business credit card, you should provide a personal guarantee for the credit (i.e. your SSN is required), but after you build good business credit history, tax number will be enough.