Monday, April 24, 2006

Soaking Tubs & Whirlpool Tubs

GramDeb3 asked in response to our Vertical Spa post:
"Great information! I was wondering what would be replacing the whirlpool since you are seeing less and less of that in new construction. Soaker tubs seem to be the current remodeling craze. I am sure these Vertical Spas will be coming along fast!

Do you have any information on the best or new in bathroom lighting"

You're right, soaking tubs are the latest thing in remodeling and new construction. They take up less space than jetted tubs, are less expensive, and don't make noise. These combined with vertical spas / panel showers are considered to be the new luxury in baths. A tub like the Pearl Ballade T soaking bathtub shown below has a generous 21 inch deep soaking well that makes for pure luxury in the bath.

Pearl Bathtub Model Ballade T Biscuit

Thanks for your great questions, GramDeb and we'll have a post soon on the latest innovations in lighting.

Karen & Rick
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GramDeb3 said...

I noticed that you have a couple of links on your website
to places that carry closet organizers. Which is terrific! I have a walk-in closet to get organized. I see that ELFA seems to be the recommended manufacturer. Have you have had anyone comment on that brand? Is it the easiest brand to install? Quality workmanship? Also wondered if anyone had used the design feature on any of the sites and if so, which website is the most user friendly?