Monday, April 17, 2006

What Does It All Mean? 18/10 Stainless, Santoku Knife, Anodized Cookware & More

You hear all these terms over and over in ads, on products, in articles but what do they mean?? Our newest website will clarify many of the words you hear in relation to items for the home and small business. For example, did you know that the term cutlery actually refers to kitchen utensils and flatware? Most people think of it only as kitchen knives. And what about all those different types of kitchen knives? Do you need them all or will just a few do? In our future posts and our website we will discuss these and lots of other topics related to kitchen and bath, home organization, remodeling, and yummy gourmet foods (one of my favorite topics!).

Also, we have information on our site relating to running a small business, especially a home based business. Check out our current articles on choosing a web hosting company and what to look for when your website doesn't seem to be performing up to par. We invite you to post questions or comments here or to customer service for our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

By the way, if you're wondering who "we" are, we are Divine Finds, Inc. a small family company that has sold housewares successfully on eBay for the last couple of years. Now we are moving on to our own informational websites and want to provide info and links to great sources of merchandise offered at decent prices. Many of the sources are the same ones we used for our eBay business, so you can get some great deals! Why the change? Honestly, we really hated the packing and shipping part of the business. So we thought we'd leave that part up to other merchants and just provide the information for you to get to these sources. Talking with the customers has always been the fun part of the business anyway.

We have also written a couple of e-books on running a business and incorporation and have a great interest in the business end of things. That's why we are including small and home based business information.

We hope you enjoy our blog. Be sure to bookmark it and come back often. Feel free to ask questions. Also, if you have an article of interest related to our topics and would like to submit it for possible publication on our website, we'd love to read it. You can submit it here.

Talk with you soon!

Rick & Karen

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