Friday, October 27, 2006

The new Find More Site is Now Live!

At last! The new and improved is now up and running. You'll find loads of useful information on kitchenware, including cutlery, flatware, cookware, and appliances. We've also got some great info on selecting a web hosting provider along with information and comparisons on many different providers. You will even find more facts on running a small business and where to get the supplies you'll need.

We also have information on home remodeling, especially in the kitchen and bath, lighting, appliances and more. And don't miss our recipe section which will be getting new additions on a regular basis. You'll find all of this and more on the new site, so check it out soon!

Thanks to everyone who has sent their good wishes for our new endeavor and we hope you will all find the site useful, informative, and fun!

Feel free to send feedback on the site either here on the blog or to us at

Karen & Rick

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