Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Food Scales from QuickSupply.Net

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Food Scales or Kitchen Scales are a necessary part of any good kitchen, especially a commercial kitchen. They are essential for measuring baking ingredients to ensure accurate measurements. They are used for weighing meats, poultry, fish, produce, candy, and more depending on the type of shop or restaurant. Food scales are of course quite useful in the home kitchen as well for ascertaining accurate amounts for any recipe. There are a variety of types of FoodScales available and a great source is QuickSupply.Net. They offer many models of commercial food scales ranging from the Detecto's Mechanical Baker's Dough Scale which offers precision measuring for the baker to the very high tech Avery Berkel IX Series Price Computing Scales /w Built In Printer which offers a built in thermal label printer, cash drawer interface, and links to a PC or barcode scanner. Very useful for the small retail/food outlet. Many of the FoodScales offered can run on either A/C power or battery power, which makes it very convenient for many applications where portability is an issue or outlets are not readily available. Other features to check for are whether the scales are legal for trade if you are using it in a retail setting, zero and tare functions, water resistance (things can get messy!) and the units of measure available (e.g. lbs, g, oz conversions).

Whatever your measuring needs, you are sure to find an outstanding, high quality scale at QuickSupply.Net.

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