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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting Organized - How to Get Started Without Losing Your Mind

It is a new year and many people resolve to get organized, so we thought we would talk about how to do just that. We encourage our readers to leave comments and share your organiztional tips too. Together, we will organize the world - one messy closet at a time!
Park-a-Purse - Purse Organizer

Park-a-Purse - Purse Organizer

Have you ever felt like everything around you is in total disarray and you don't know where to begin to get organized? Of course, I have never had that problem (LOL) but I have come up with a way to de-stress while I declutter. You need to choose one spot in one room to begin. It sounds pretty obvious, but in reality that is why it is often so difficult to begin organizing. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Choose one drawer or one cabinet or one shelf in a closet.

  2. Pull everything out.

  3. Clean the surfaces.

  4. Throw away anything old, damaged, out of date, or things you have not used in the last six months.

  5. If you have a bunch of small items, group them by category, put them in a clear plastic container and label them.

  6. Put everything you are keeping back into the drawer/cabinet/closet and close the door!

  7. Throw out the trash. Recycle or donate items when possible.

  8. Walk away and give yourself a treat! You have just started on your way to being organized.

  9. Repeat this process every couple of days and before you know it your closets and cabinets will be clean!

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Monday, December 31, 2007

The Return of Finster, the Find More Facts Detective

After a bit of a hiatus and several requests from regular readers, we have decided to bring back Finster, our Find More Facts Detective. You may have noticed him appearing in several of our holiday postings. We find Finster a way to a bit of extra fun to our blog, so we hope you will enjoy his return. He'll be sniffing out a lot of great deals for you in the near future. 2008 promises to be a great year and we look forward to bringing you many new features and helpful tips this year.

Rick & Karen