Monday, November 27, 2006

Online Shopping Tips From Find More Facts

The holiday shopping season is upon us, ready or not, so we wanted to share some online shopping safety tips, tips to make your shopping fast and fun, as well as some great deals from some of our favorite merchants.

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Online Shopping Safety Tips

We have a few great online shopping tips to make
your holiday shopping experience safe, successful,
and relatively quick (yes, you read that correctly -

  1. Always check the security of the checkout pages
    of any online merchant you are purchasing from.
    This means that when you are on the checkout page
    you should see "https" in the web address, the "s"
    indicates "secure." Also at the bottom of the page,
    you will see a graphic of a closed lock or unbroken
    key indicating the site is secure. One other way to
    check security when you are on the checkout page.
    Go to the top menu and click "File,"
    then "Properties." You will get a Properties pop-up
    screen that shows the Protocol as "HyperText
    Transfer Protocol with Privacy" and the Connection
    will state "SSL with (at least) 128 bit encryption."
    You will also see a restatement of the https web
    address. Make sure it matches the address of the
    page you are supposed to be on. If all of these
    factors are in place, you can be relatively certain
    that you are on a secure site.

  2. Read the return policy before you buy. If you
    don't like the policy, buy somewhere else.

  3. Be sure you can locate the contact information
    for the merchant easily on the site.

  4. Print a receipt of your purchase before logging off
    of the site. Don't just rely on an e-mailed copy of a
    receipt. Sometimes even e-mails get lost.

The Fun Part - How to Make Your Shopping Quick & Easy

Follow a few simple steps and you can have
your shopping done in a flash!

  1. Make a list of everyone you need to buy for and
    put an approximate amount you would like to spend
    next to each name. Budgeting now will save you a lot
    of money in the long run.
  2. Next to the name, write down everything you
    would like to buy that person, couple, or business,

  3. Now here is the important part that will speed up
    your shopping. Review your list and make a
    separate list that has
    all of the categories of items you need
    to buy
    (e.g. books, toys, clothes, kitchen and
    dining items, gift baskets). Running back over your original
    list put each item into the appropriate category.
    This won't take as long as it sounds and it is going to
    save you a bundle of time.
  4. Now that your list is complete and organized go to our site, Find the appropriate category that you need, review the available merchants, visit the
    site of the merchants you choose, order all of the items you need for that category and you are done!
  5. Repeat this process for each category and your
    shopping will be done in a fraction of the time. You
    may not even have to go to the mall or your local
    superstore at all! Doesn't that sound peaceful?

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Happy Shopping!

Karen & Rick

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Monday Madness on the Holidays

Let's talk about holidays... Depending on where you live and what religion you are, you may celebrate different holidays and at different times of the year than others. But most of us do celebrate at least one holiday a year. Let's share! =)

1. Which of the holidays that you celebrate, do you feel is the most important?

Christmas and Easter

2. Which holiday do you most enjoy?

That is a tough one. Probably Christmas because I get to see all of our family and I really enjoy watching the excitement of the kids.

3. Is there one holiday that your family tries to get together every year? If so, which one?

Yes, usually Christmas. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks for visits with people, but most of us manage to get together.

4. Share one special memory from a past holiday.

Christmas when my kids were around 2 years old. The amazement and excitement when they came down in the morning and realized Santa had been there. It was priceless.

5. Name one holiday coming up, that you're really looking forward to, and why.
I would have to say Christmas since it is just around the corner. We have plans for family to come in and stay with us for a few days, so it should be a great time.

Have a great week everyone!


Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Madness, Find More Facts update

1. From ch'i:
If you could only read one blog every day- which one blog would be on your daily list?

You mean other than my own? LOL. I don't really have one blog that would be on my daily list as most of the blogs I read aren't updated that frequently.

2. From kat:
What do you do to de-stress from a hectic day?

I kick back with my hubby and watch a little HGTV while I have some dessert. Not the healthiest way to unwind but it feels good! :-)

3. From paxil princess:
What is your favorite piece of clothing to wear in the winter?

A soft sweater.

4. From sherle:
Do you prefer discussing problems with a sibling, a parent, a significant other, a psychologist, or a total stranger?

I talk about everything with Rick (my husband).

5. From trista:
How long have you been blogging?

Only a few months.

6. From lisa e:
Which side of the bed?


7. From elton:
How often do you pig out when you eat?

Not very often, but the holidays seem to be the time of most of my "pigging out"

8. From karen:
Do you watch the space shuttle launches?

I always try to watch the launches. I still find it amazing that we are able to travel into space.

9. From dawn:
What's your favorite leisure-time activity?

It varies. I like to go to the movies with Rick and my boys. We enjoy trying new restaurants. I like to cook when I have the time and try new recipes. I like to watch my family play in the swimming pool. It really depends on the day.

10. From sherle:
When is the last time you said, 'I love you' and to whom?
What about hugs? Who is the last person you hugged?

We say I love you many times a day in our family. I told Rick before he left for work and the boys before they left for school. That's also when I gave them hugs.

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Have a great week everyone!


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Monday Madness

This is kind of a fun meme for this week from Monday Madness (and actually a bit harder than I thought it was going to be!)

Using the letters in your name (first, last, both, whatever), describe your life!
K-Knowledge seeking
E-Excellent cook

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Have a great week everyone!