Monday, June 11, 2007

Architectural Classics - Review of Site Offering Antique & Reproduction Hardware & Lighting Fixtures

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We came across a really interesting site this weekend called Architectural Classics. This site offers a huge range of both antique and reproduction lighting fixtures and door hardware. They have some absolutely beautiful items like this French Vintage Cast Brass Door Knob

And this lovely 2 Arm Rose Crystal Wall Light which is available in a variety of finishes. The site itself is easy to navigate and the photographs of the items are very well done. All can be enlarged to show quite a bit of detail for each fixture. The item descriptions offer useful measurement and color information. The site is organized into sections including Door Furniture Reproductions, Door Furniture Originals, Lighting Reproductions, Lighting Originals, and Miscellaneous Items. This makes it much easier to tell if you are getting a true antique or original fixture versus a reproduction. This is an important distinction as not all websites are great about letting you know when you are buying a reproduction item.


  • Architetural Classics has a great selection of reproduction and original lighting and door/cabinet hardware.
  • Site is easy to navigate.
  • Good distinction on the site between original and reproduction items.
  • Great photography of each item giving you more confidence that you are buying an item you truly like.


  • Shipping charges are not visible until you register for an account.

Overall Opinion:

Architectural Classics would be a great site to visit if you are looking to restore an old home or historic building or if you just want to add some period charm to any home. I really liked the selection of items available in both the antique and reproduction fixtures. An excellent resource to bookmark as you proceed with any period restoration.


MHM said...

We have some collections of small tables and coffee tables made of solid mahogany plantation wood from Indonesia.
Thank you.
Paul Gang.

calgaryaerating said...

it was very classic collections