Friday, June 29, 2007

Home Office Furniture Site Review - Saxen Business Furniture

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We’ve been looking for some new furniture for our home office and have found it a more difficult task than expected. Finally we found some online sites we thought looked promising, so we thought we would share some of our findings with you.

For those living in the UK, Saxen Business Furniture offers an excellent selection of
Home Office Furniture. They offer everything from office desks, chairs, and cabinets to bistro furniture, screens & partitions, and even children’s desks and chairs. They even offer free delivery within the UK! Another rather neat item Saxen offers is what they call interior landscaping. This is a really great selection of artificial plants and trees ready to dress up your office or home. Some of their styles include topiaries, ferns, palms, and even birch trees. This is a super offering you don’t often find in online furniture stores.

Materials for the office furniture range from steel to wood to glass. They have a very attractive selection of all types of office furniture at quite reasonable prices. The Saxen website is easy to navigate and all policies are clearly stated on the site. Customer service is readily available via e-mail, telephone, or live chat. The site is really quite user friendly. I would certainly recommend making this site your first stop if you are looking for a great source to build your office, whether at home or in a traditional office setting.


Anonymous said...

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If you do a search of the BBC News site you should find the article...

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