Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Start Your Copper Cookware Collection With a Copper Saucepan

On a previous post: Cookware - Why Choose Stainless Steel, Non-Stick, Anodized and More Rachel commented:

"My husband loves cooking. We have many of those non-stick cookware in the house but I know he wants those copper cookware. They just seem too expensive."

That's a good point, Rachel, but there are some advantages to copper cookware and there are some less expensive pots you can purchase. I would recommend starting with a copper saucepan as that is probably the most commonly used of the copper pots. With it you can make any type of sauce, small stews, soups, and casseroles and really almost anything you can think of that will fit into this workhorse of a pan.

Purchase a pan with a stainless steel interior so that acidic based sauces such as marinara or other tomato based items don't stain. The combination of the stainless steel and the copper present unbeatable performance as far as heat conduction and will heat up faster than anything.

Buying just a single saucepan is a great way to try copper cookware. Just remember it will cook faster so you (or your husband) need to pay attention while you're cooking. :)

I've put links for a couple of top performing copper 2.5 quart saucepans below so you can see the differences. The Calphalon pot is much less expensive and is a good performer, especially as an introductory copper pan. It is well weighted but needs a bit more cleaning than some of the most expensive pots to maintain it's copper luster.

The Mauviel pan is an excellent all around performer and is an even heavier pan. It is tops in the copper pot line of cookware and has a price to match. Either way you will be getting an excellent pan that should last for many years in a well-used kitchen.

Calphalon 2.5-qt. Tri-ply Copper Shallow Saucepan, Copper

Calphalon 2.5-qt. Tri-ply Copper Shallow Saucepan, Copper

Mauviel 2.4-qt. Cuprinox Pour La Table Sauce Pan
Mauviel 2.4-qt. Cuprinox Pour La Table Sauce Pan

Bon Appetit!

Karen & Rick


Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks Karen & Rick for sharing that helpful information. I guess it would be a good idea to start with a single copper saucepan because of its advantages as well as durability. It would be a good investment.

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