Thursday, May 24, 2007

Site Review - The Vine Store Offering Wine Racks & Accessories

The following is a Sponsored Review.

I have reviewed the site The Vine Store, an internet store specializing in Wine Racks. The selection of wine racks is really quite nice. They have racks available that are freestanding for tables or on the floor. They have racks that hang on cabinet shelves. The even have one wine rack that looks like a bug! Other offerings include wine tasting tables, wine cooler, and wine glasses. Prices appear reasonable and shipping costs appear within comparable norms.

The Bug Wine Rack

The Vine Store does have a privacy policy in place which appears fairly standard. They do accept returns on merchandise; however the 15 day time frame is a bit short. At least a 30 day return period would be an improvement.


Great selection of specialized wine racks and wine related merchandise
Reasonable prices and shipping costs
Web site is easy to navigate
Privacy policy is in place
Secure checkout system
Some really fun and unique merchandise

Return period is too short
Shipping costs are not visible until checkout is on the third screen

Overall Opinion:
I like this store and would recommend it for someone looking for a great selection of wine racks and wine related merchandise. Be sure to check your shipping costs before final checkout.

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