Friday, May 11, 2007

Pacific Coast Down & Feather Pillows - A Great Nights Sleep

I took my sister to a hotel for an overnight getaway to celebrate her __th birthday (sorry, I still want my sister to like me) :-) We had an awesome time together taking in some theater and a nice dinner. The hotel we stayed at was very nice, but the best part was the bed. Stop laughing - yes, I am talking about a hotel bed. The pillows were the most comfortable pillows I have ever slept on.

When we got up in the morning, I had to know what kind of pillows they were, they were just too comfortable. Of course, since this was a nicer hotel, it had two pillow cases and a zippered pillow protector and the tag was at the non-zipper end of the pillow. I finally got it apart to find that the pillows were Pacific Coast Feather Company down and feather pillows.

These pilllows are wonderful. They come in 3 comfort levels: soft, medium, and firm, depending on your personal preference. I recommend the Double Down Around Pillows at Pacific Coast Feather for ultimate comfort. I also recommend getting the pillow covers to keep your pillow clean. The cover are washable and don't detract from the comfort of the pillow at all.

I have been looking for comfortable pillows for years and I am so happy I finally found some. I guess now that I'll be sleeping at night, I will have to start blogging during the day! LOL

If you check out the site through the links on this page, you will get ""Pacific Coast Feather Co - $3.99 Shipping"" on All Products for a Limited Time. Now there's a deal that will help you sleep at night.

Happy dreams!


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